Sun - July 13, 2008

graceful weaver's bamboo and Timor black bamboo

Graceful Weaver's bamboo (one year, just planted) Here are two new bamboo plants we just received last week from Tropical Bamboo in Florida. The first one, show at left, is a graceful weaver's bamboo, Bambusa textilis gracilis, and the second one is a Timor black bamboo, Bambusa lako.

I was most excited about getting the Timor black bamboo. When mature, it will have glossy black culms. The little one-year culms are already dark. The graceful weaver's bamboo, now that I see it, is even more enchanting. It is so graceful and lovely already!

I had been longing for more bamboo, since our one giant timber bamboo turned out so wonderful....

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fifty-foot timber bamboo: more pictures

Fifty-foot tall bamboo
Our giant timber bamboo, Bambusa oldhamii, is six years old now, fifty feet tall,with culms that are 4.5 inches thick. It's the best thing I've ever planted. Click on the picture or "read more" to see a full-height picture of the entire bamboo!

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Thu - August 18, 2005

Giant Timber Bamboo in a city backyard

bamboo culms at shoulder height "You planted bamboo in your yard! Doesn't it spread?"

No, not all bamboo tries to take over the entire block. There are two different types of bamboo, clumping and running. Clumping bamboo is safe....

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