Thu - September 28, 2006

lovely mushroom

lovely mushroom thumbnail I don't know what kind of mushroom this is. I photographed it in my front lawn, near the street, on September 28. It's amazingly delicate and lovely. The top is not meaty, like most mushroom caps; it looks as thin as a sheet of paper, curling up to let its spores go.

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Mon - May 15, 2006

mysterious Nightshade family volunteer

  A new plant appeared suddenly by our front door about a month ago. It was rather attractive, with a splash of purple on its first leaves, so I gave it favored weed status and did not root it out. Then a bloom appeared whose pale violet fused petals and waxy yellow stamens (almost forming a tube around the pistil) made it look very much like a potato flower. The leaves weren't like a potato's, though; a potato has deeply divided leaves. Nightshade? Again very similar, but its petals curve back more than our mystery plant. Its hairs made me itch for hours after I touched it, though it lacked any obvious thorns....

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