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Rainbow tie dyeing with a limited palette


blue turquoise and purple mirror kid's tank top

Will on a ladder, wearing a purple
tie-dyed tee Will in a purple tie dye tank
lounging on the floor with our cat, Capella

Here's a couple of pictures of Will in a purple tank top I tie-dyed for him when he was five.

These are small-sized reductions of snapshots. To see the full-size images, click on the small images on this page.

How I did it

I did this one exactly like example 14, except for the way I tied it. I made several horizontal pleats across the middle of the shirt before twisting a traditional spiral design. I used Procion MX dyes, tied the shirt while it was still dry, pre-soaked it in sodium carbonate solution, then squirted on the dye solutions, which were made with usea, dye, and water. I left the shirt alone for either 6 hours or overnight, then machine washed it with Synthrapol detergent in first cold, then warm, then hot water.

See How to Tie Dye for more details.

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