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Spray dyeing


Leaf silhouettes

front view of leafy tee

I got the idea for this from Sulfiati Harris's great book, Spray Dyed Designs, which has instuctions for a number of different spcific projects, one of which inspired this one. I used leaves plucked from obliging weeds growing near my working table in my back yard. I have not yet been able to identify this vine, but I like it.

I'm afraid that this snapshot doesn't show the true beauty of this shirt. It's really fine.

Click on the small image to see greater detail.

How I did it

I made up the usual Procion tie- or drip-dyeing solutions, and put them into spray bottles. I used a green made by mixing a lot of turqouise with a little yellow, and also New Black. Spraying black dye, with a light hand, results in surprising subtlety. I gathered leaves and spread them on the shirt to spray over. I lined the shirt with plastic to prevent drip-through, but this was not necessarily required, as a light hand with the spray means that the dye does not epentrate, except where large drips fall on the cloth.

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