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Reviews of Books About Dealing With Learning Disabilities and AD/HD

Karen J. Foli: Like Sound Through Water
cover WONDERFUL book by the mother of a child with severe auditory processing issues, in which he appeared to be hearing-impaired although his ears were fine. Uplifting description of how the boy improved with intensive speech therapy. - Paula Burch

Teri James Bellis: When The Brain Can't Hear: Unraveling the Mystery of Auditory Processing Disorder
cover A more scientific book than the above, but still accessible, it goes into the various different TYPES of auditory processing disorder, very helpfully. - Paula Burch

Russell Barkley: Taking Charge of AD/HD
coverThe best book on AD/HD in your child, I got it because our diagnostician recommended it. Not just the author's opinions, this book is filled with the results of research. Quite reliable about medications, and helpful for behavioral problems relating to AD/HD. - Paula Burch

Dr. Larry Silver's Advice to Parents on ADHD
Excellent book, describing not only AD/HD and what to do about it, but also many of the various learning disabilities that often come with AD/HD. - Paula Burch

Hallowell and Ratey: Driven to Distraction [sources incl. amazon]
Found a great book with lots of info on ADD, support groups, etc. It is written by two psychiatrists who actually have ADD and that is also their specialty. So they are not writing the book from the outside looking in.--Susan DeMeritt [from a post] of the best, if not the best book out on ADD. --Marshall Kragen [from a post]

This book is written more about adult than childhood AD/HD, but is extremely useful for the parent of a child with AD/HD in two ways: one, by describing how it feels to have AD/HD, and two, because many children with AD/HD have an undiagnosed parent with AD/HD who could use some help, too! - Paula Burch

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