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Reviews of Books about Raising Teenagers

Louise Bates Ames, Ph.D., Frances L. Ilg, M.D.: Your Ten to Fourteen Year Old
Publisher: Gesell
Institute of Human Development 
[sources incl. amazon]
	(see reviews of earlier books in this series under younger
school-aged kids, above)

Kirk Seufert: The Real Truth About Trouble:  A Little Can Turn Into A Lot
ISBN 0-9676417-0-5 [sources incl. amazon]
This book is an effective tool for keeping kids out of trouble. The author, 
who is an attorney focusing on juvenile cases, designed the book for kids. It 
uses real-life stories from real kids, to tell the real truth about drugs, 
sex, violence, guns, confrontations, crime and truancy.  It explains how many 
STDs, drug addictions, felony charges, gun-shot wounds, and unwanted 
pregnancies can never be fixed -- by an attorney or anyone else.  What's best 
is that the attorney writes the book in a language and from a perspective 
kids can relate to. So much so that the Juvenile Court in my city is using 
the book as a means of prevention and rehabilitation. Given the serious 
potential trouble all our kids face today, I personally believe all kids 
could benefit from this book.       ---Marie Andrews

Gary McKay, Joyce McKay, and Don. Dinkmeyer: Parenting Teenagers :
Systematic Training for Effective Parenting of Teens
[sources incl. amazon]
	(no review)

Foster Cline and Jim Fay: Parenting Teens With Love & Logic : Preparing
Adolescents for Responsible Adulthood. 1993.
[sources incl. amazon]
	(no review)

Steven P. Shelov: The American Academy of Pediatrics' Caring for Your
Adolescent Ages 12 to 21. 
[sources incl. amazon]
	The best. --Roberto Murguia M.D. [from a post]

Judy Ford: Wonderful ways to love a teen...even when it seems
[sources incl. amazon]
	(no review)

Bev Cobain: When nothing matters anymore: a survival guide for
	depressed teens. 
	Free Spirit Publishing. [to order directly, see Sources]
[sources incl. amazon]
	Seems to me I want a book like this to be on the
	shelf just in case one of my kids ever decides to read
	it. --Paula Burch

Paul Kivel and Allan Creighton: Making the peace: a 15 session
	violence prevention curriculum for young people (grades 6-12)
[sources incl. amazon]

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