Paula Burch's All About Hand Dyeing

More examples of things I've dyed--in use

Here are some more examples of my two kids wearing some bright clothes I dyed for them. (Each image is a thumbnail linked to a larger copy.)

two cats and Peter, Peter wearing a sprinkle-dyed onesie or romper two-cat-onesie, on Peter Matt and Peter on the
no-longer-existant deck on Perdido Bay, June 1997 Peter crawling, June 1997 Peter laughing in
his playpen, June 1997 Peter, 6 months, on bed, with toy keys Peter and his Grandmommy, August 1996 Paula and Peter on the rocking chair Peter sleeping in his carseat/stroller, age two months Will clutching a frisbee; Will sitting in a big chair.

Next comes instructions & sources....

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