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You are here: Home > All About Hand Dyeing > FAQs > Procion Dye FAQs > Are there any Procion MX dyes that are not available to home dyers?

Are there any Procion MX dyes that are not available to home dyers?

Known dichlorotriazine dyes for which I don't have any commercial source
for small quantities (one pound or less):

manufacturer's name     Colour Index name    notes
orange MX-4R reactive orange 14Asian Dyestuff
golden yellow MX-R reactive orange 44Kiri Dyes
scarlet MX-G reactive red 8 (17908) World Dye Variety (CAS R 25489-36-5)
red MX-2B reactive red 1 (18158)
red MX-6BDA
brown MX-BRA
reactive brown 40 (recently dropped by ProChem's source)
pink MX-B reactive red 74Asian Dyestuff
red MX-7B reactive red 219
violet MX-4R reactive violet 12Kiri Dyes
blue MX-GB reactive blue ?
blue MX-RB
navy MX-RB
reactive blue 82Town End Colors
navy MX-2RDA reactive blue 210
brown MX-RL reactive brown 25
grey MX-2G reactive black 18 (no known maker)

Now available

manufacturer's name    Colour Index name    example known manufacturer
magenta MX-B reactive violet 13(Now available at ProChem!! )

Questionable (are these really dichlorotriazines?)

manufacturer's name     Colour Index name    example known manufacturer
yellow MX-R reactive yellow 4 (13190)
yellow MX-3RE reactive yellow 145
yellow MX-6G yellow X-6G reactive yellow 1 Synthesia actually a bireactive double-dichlorotriazine structure, not an MX
orange MX-2G brilliant orange K-G reactive orange 2 actually an aminochlorotraizaine, not an MX
orange MX-5R Orange HE-2R reactive orange 94 actually aminochlorotriazine, probably bifunctional
violet MX-5R Reactive Violet KN-4R reactive violet 5 vinyl sulfone, not dichlorotriazine

There are probably others as well that I have not yet heard of.

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