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Sodium alginate dye thickener (optional)
alginate to thicken dye

Don't forget rubber bands!
rubber bands at Amazon


Procion MX Fiber Reactive Dye

Soda Ash
(sodium carbonate)

Disposable Gloves

Urea for tie-dyeing

Synthrapol for washing out excess dye

Plastic squeeze
bottles to hold dyes Yorker Squeeze Bottles

Web sites with further instructions for dyeing

Be sure to compare what one site says to another - in some cases one file will say something that is wrong, and yet give other information that is quite useful.

Informative sites

tie dyeing (start with how to tie dye)

batik (start with how to batik)

immersion dyeing (two types: low water and bucket dyeing)

other dyes: acid dyes, bleach, "all purpose" dyes

Natural dyeing (also see About Natural Dyes)

(Note: Don't make the mistake of thinking that "natural" dyes are necessarily safer or kinder to the environment than synthetic ones - in many cases, the mordants are far more toxic than the fiber reactive dyes we use could ever be, and some of the dyestuffs are toxic, as well)

General Dye Information, etc.

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