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You are here: Home > All About Hand Dyeing > FAQs > Acid Dyes FAQs > Which Wash Fast Acid dyes are pure, rather than mixtures?


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Synthrapol aids acid dye in penetrating the fiber

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(Also see About Acid Dyes.)

Which Washfast Acid colors are pure, and not mixtures?

Acid dyes are used on animal fibers such as wool, in addition to silk and nylon. They should not be used on cellulose fibers such as cotton, nor on synthetics other than nylon.

PRO Chemical & Dye sells the PRO WashFast Acid dyes shown in the table below, which they indicate are pure, unmixed colors. They also sell mixtures, which are not listed below. Most of these pure dyes are the Nylomine Dyes referred to in Karren Brito's SHIBORI: creating color and texture on silk. Nylomine is just one of many textile dye brand names that have been applied to these dyes, but, as the name indicates, these are dyes that tend to work well on nylon.

All of these dyes have been listed as being classified as fast milling dyes, with the exception of acid black #172, which is listed elsewhere as a 1:2 metal complex dye. However, I suspect that some may belong to another subgroup of acid dyes. Note that, in spite of the name, not all of these dyes are particularly washfast (see washfastness data on the lightfastness page); as a rule, you should wash fabrics dyed with these dyes in cool water only. If washfastness is your top priority, I strongly recommend using Lanaset dyes or boiling your protein fiber in Remazol dyes.

Equivalent Names for Purchasing Jacquard's acid dyes that are on this list

A few of the dyes in Jacquard's Acid Dyes lineup are the same as ProChem & Ciba's Washfast Acid dyes; for example, ProChem's Rhodamine Red B is the same as Jacquard's Hot Fuchsia, or Colour Index Acid Red 52. Color Index Acid Blue 7 is ProChem's Turquoise and Jacquard's Turquoise, and Colour Index Acid Blue 25 is ProChem's National Blue and Jacquard's Sapphire Blue, while Colour Index Acid Blue 113 is ProChem's Navy and Jacquard's Navy Blue. However, most of dyes in the two lines of dyes are completely different chemicals. It is worth noting that some acid dyes cannot be used together. The dyes in each brand of dye are selected for compatibility, within that brand, but dyes that are found in only one brand just might be incompatible with those found only in the other.

You can purchase PRO brand dyes from PRO Chemical & Dye or from one of their retailers. Maiwa Handprints sells Ciba Washfast Acid Dyes, which seem likely to be the same.

Wash Fast Acid Dyes

     some alternate
Index name
PROchem #PROchem namenotes (see below)
Acid Yellow 7 107A Flavine Yellow G

may not be Nylomine, but is pure

Acid Yellow 19119 Sun Yellow


Nylomine Yellow AG-DAcid Yellow 135135 Yellow
yellow A-4R
Acid Yellow 199199c Golden Yellow


Acid Orange 33233 Bright Orange


Acid Red 138338 Magenta
Acid Red 249349 Fuchsia


Acid Red 151351 Bright Red

KB calls this pure one 'the bad actor'

Acid red 266366 Red


Rhodamine BAcid red 52370 Rhodamine Red B


Acid Red 131390 Polar Red

not Nylomine or Lanaset; sold with Lanaset dyes

Navy C-2R
Acid Blue 113413 Navy


Anthraquinone BlueAcid blue 25425c National Blue


Blue B-3GA
Acid blue 40440 Bright Blue


Alphazurine A Acid Blue 7478 Turquoise


Blue G250
Acid Blue 90490 Brilliant Blue

JT calls this eye-poppingly clear!

Acid Black 172672 Jet Black

KB; 1:2 Metal Complex; probably contains chromium

Nylomine Acid Green PGAcid Green 25725 Forest Green


Acid Violet17817 Brilliant Violet


*"KB" indicates that this color is listed among the pure manufactured "nylomine" dyes used by Karren Brito in her SHIBORI: creating color and texture on silk.

Thanks to Jerry Trapp and to PRO Chemical and Dye for sharing information about the Washfast Acid dyes.

Color chips in above table are approximate at best; please request a printed color chart from your dye supplier.


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