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You are here: Home > All About Hand Dyeing > FAQ > Procion MX Dyes > pure Procion MX dye chart


Procion MX Fiber Reactive Cold Water Dye

Procion MX
Fiber Reactive
Cold Water Dye

Which Procion MX colors are pure, and which mixtures?

Procion MX dyes, which belong to the dichlorotriazine class of fiber reactive dyes, are the most popular type of dye for hand-dyeing plant fibers, such as cellulose. They can also be used on protein-based fibers. See About Fiber Reactive Dyes. Note that not all suppliers can be listed here. Included are enough major suppliers for you to compare most common names, since several suppliers use similar names.

Procion MX colors without MX codes are mixed by the supplier. The ones that have MX codes may be either pure colors, or mixtures prepared by the manufacturer. Be sure that your dye source tells you the MX codes or Colour Index names for those of the Procion MX dyes they sell that have them. (Some suppliers include this info in their printed catalogs, but not their on-line catalogs - be sure to request a printed catalog!)

This page includes four tables:


These are wide tables! Please use a small font size and use landscape, not portrait, mode, to print, if necessary. Or download a [out of date] printable PDF version of Table 1 below.


If a Procion MX dye color name does not appear in Table 1, it is probably not a pure single-hue dye color, unless it is incorrect; either it is listed under a different MX code, or it is a premixed color, not a true single-hue dye, and is listed on Table 2, Table 3, or Table 4, below.


Table 1. Pure unmixed single-hue Procion MX type (dichlorotriazine) dyes

with links in the MX code names to some chemical structures. See Sources for contact information for the companies listed. Listed in approximate color wheel order. Color swatches are approximate at best and are intended only to give a vague idea of the color.
CODE Colour
dye name
Dharma's name PROchem's name Custom's name G&S Dye's name George
Aljo Mfg. Co.'s name Jacquard Products Patchwork
  yellow MX-8G yellow 86 #1 lemon yellow #108 sun yellow #104 yellow MX-8G 208 bright yellow - yellow MX-8G Yellow MX8G #3 lemon yellow 004 lemon yellow Zitronengelb pure; good yellow primary for mixing colors
  yellow MX-4G yellow 22 - #114 lemon yellow - 214 yellow M01 lemon yellow yellow MX-4G Yellow MX4G #10 pure yellow - pure
  yellow MX-GR yellow 7#3 golden yellow #112 tangerine yellow - - - yellow MX-GR - - being replaced by mixtures?
  yellow MX-RA yellow 44-- - - - - - Yellow MXRA - - pure
  yellow MX-3R orange 86#4 deep yellow - #107 yellow MX-3R - M02 golden yellow - Yellow MX3R - Gelborange pure; same dye molecule as yellow MX-3RA
  yellow MX-3RA orange 86 - #104 golden yellow - 204 golden yellow - yellow MX-3RA - 010 bright golden yellow pure; denser than 3R
  orange MX-G orange 1 - - - - - orange MX-G - - - - pure, clear orange
  orange MX-2Rorange 4#6 deep orange #202 strong orange #201 orange MX-2R 302 orange M04 brilliant orange yellow MX-2R Orange MX2R #1 orange 020 brilliant orange Orange pure, slightly reddish orange; great for mixing with magenta for a true red
  brown MX-GRNbrown 23 - (#515 burnt orange) - (615 brown) (M03 rust orange) - - (016 rust orange) (Terrakottabraun) apparently replaced by mixtures. dull brownish orange good for mixing dark shades
 brown MX-5BRbrown 10-- - - - - - Brown MX5BR (formerly brown rose) - pure from Kraftkolour; elsewhere mixture often substituted
  scarlet MX-G red 8 - - - - - - - - - - no retail source known
  red MX-G red 5 - - - - M05 orange scarlet reactive red #5 (mix) - pure; not worth the expense; mixes often carry the same MX code
  rubine MX-B red 6 - - - - - - - cerise - - pure; sold by Grateful Dyes as their #14 Cherry or inquire at Aljo Mfg.
  red MX-5B red 2 #12 light red #305 mixing red #310 red MX-5B 405 hot pink M07 brilliant pink red MX-5B Red MX5B 034 magenta Magenta pure; good magenta for use as primary color
  red MX-8B red 11#13 fuchsia red #308 fuchsia #304 red MX-8B 408 fuchsia M08 vibrant magenta red MX-8B Red MX8B #4 rose red 040 fuchsia Pinkrot pure; good magenta for use as primary color
 magenta MX-Breactive violet #13-boysenberry or violet MX-BR - - - - Magenta MXB - - - pure; Colour Index name is only my best guess so far
 violet MX-2Rreactive violet #14#117 grape grape 801 or violet MX-GN violet MX-G? 415 Raspberry -violet 14 or violet MX-G Violet MXRA 231 violet-pure; note that the name violet MX-G is incorrect though widely used! Custom Colours Violet MX-G is Standard's Permabril Violet C-G, not certain it is reactive violet 14
  blue MX-7RX blue #161- - - - cobalt blue (no code) - - no more - Blauviolett pure; lovely but not lightfast. In the US, inquire at Aljo Mfg.
  blue MX-R blue 4#26 sky blue #400 basic blue #416 blue MX-2R 500 royal blue M22 royal blue blue MX-R Blue MXR #12 ultra-blue 072 medium blue pure, slightly reddish, somewhat dull blue. Note difference in Custom Colours' MX code
  blue MX-2R blue 84 - - - - - - Deep Blue MX2R - formazan chromophore
(I haven't seen this one yet)
  blue MX-G blue 163 cerulean blue #406 intense blue #406 Blue MX-G 506 Cerulean Blue M50 cerulean blue blue MX-G Blue MXG #27 peacock blue 070 cerulean blue Primärblau pure, good mixing primary, slightly greenish blue
  navy MX-3R blue 9 - - #405 navy MX-4G - - blue #9 (green shade) or navy MX-G Navy MX3R - pure, slightly greenish dark navy; note difference in Custom Colours' MX code
  blue MX-2G blue 109#22 cobalt blue #402c mixing blue #415 blue MX-2G 502 slate blue M21 indigo navy - Blue MX2G #6986 navy 076 cobalt blue 150% pure, greenish dark navy; greener than cobalt blue glass
  blue MX-4GD blue #168 - #414 deep navy - - - - Blue MX4GD Aljo carries it-Dunkelblau (kalt)pure, greenish navy
  blue MX-3G blue 1 - - - - - - turquoise #2 - pure; hard to find
  turquoise MX-G blue 140 #25 turquoise #410 turquoise #407 Turquoise MX-G 510 turquoise M20 brilliant turquoise turquoise MX-G Turquoise MXG #20 brilliant turquoise 068 turquoiseTürkisblau pure; the best equivalent to cyan as a primary

Table 2. Manufacturers' mixtures of dichlorotriazine dyes with MX codes

Even though the colors listed below have MX codes, they are not pure single-hue dyes, but instead mixtures of two or more other dyes. These mixtures are usually identical even when obtained from different suppliers.
dye #
Dharma's namePROchem's nameEarth Guild's nameG&S Dye's nameGeorge Weil's nameStandard Dye Co.'s nameAljoJacquard ProductsPatchwork
 red MX-BRA-#9 scarlet300 scarlet-400 scarlet-Scarlet MX-BRA030 fire engine redmixture of red MX-5B and orange MX-2R
 red MX-GBA-#10a chinese red#312 strongest redwarm red412 red-Red MX-GBAmixture
 navy MX-G "red shade" or navy MX-4Rblue 9 "red shade"130 Strong Navy ---blue #9 (red shade)navy 078Standard Dye mixture of blue #9 plus red MX-5B
 blue MX-4RD-#24 navy blue--replaced by equivalent mix 512 navy--marineblaumixture
 green MX-CBA---forest greenreplaced by equivalent mix 800 dark green---086 forest green-mixture
 black MX-CWNA-#300 new black now replaced by similar mix with same name#608 black was temporarily replaced by black #609-replaced by equivalent mix 708N black--128 warm blackmixture
 black MX-CWA---black702 cotton black--Schwarz 602Amixture

Table 3. Formerly pure dichlorotriazine dyes with MX codes, now replaced with mixtures

Even though the colors listed below have MX codes, they are not pure single-hue dyes, but instead mixtures of two or more other dyes. Do not expect these mixtures to be the same from one supplier to the next.
dye #
Dharma's namePROchem's nameEarth Guild's nameG&S Dye's nameGeorge Weil's nameStandard Dye Co.'s nameAljoJacquard ProductsPatchwork
 brown MX-5BRformerly
brown 10
#36 maroon brown#505 reddish brown605 red brownM29 red brownbrown MX-5BR126 brown rosediscontinued by manufacturer, replaced by mixtures
 rubine MX-BAformerly red 6-----Kraftkolour mixture replaced rubine MX-B
 red MX-6BDAbrown 40-former #316 burgundy--replaced by mix 416 burgundy--discontinued
 red MX-3Gformerly ?----M06 scarlet--mixture
 blue MX-3Gformerly blue 1----M26 brilliant blue --mix replaced blue #1
pure blue 1 still available elsewhere perhaps
 green MX-3Gformerly green 6----M23 bottle green -mix replaced green# 6

Table 4. Mixtures of dichlorotriazine dyes that have been given non-standard MX codes

Even though the colors listed below have MX codes, they are not pure single-hue dyes, but instead mixtures of two or more other dyes. In some cases, pure single-hue dyes are also available elsewhere under the same code. Be sure to check with your supplier if necessary to specify which you want. Some suppliers, such as Standard, have been known to substitute similar-hued mixtures freely even when a unmixed dye has been ordered by MX code; if this is not acceptable to you, be specific when you order.

Procion MX type codeother namesRetailer who sells itNotes
scarlet MX-BA 028 bright scarlet Jacquard Products mixture
scarlet MX-GR Scarlet MXGR Kraftkolourmixture
red MX-BA 032 carmine red Jacquard Products mixture
red MX-6BDA ? 416 burgundy George Weilmixture
red MX-3G M06 scarlet George Weilmixture
red MX-BG Red MXBG Kraftkolour mixture
red MX-G Red MXG Kraftkolour mixture
rubine MX-BA Rubine MXBA Kraftkolour mixture
violet MX-DP violet MX-DP Standard Dye mixture
violet MX-2B Violet MX2B Kraftkolour mixture
blue MX-3G M26 brilliant blue George Weilmixture
blue MX-3R Blue MX3R Kraftkolour mixture (not to be confused with Navy MX3R)
navy MX-KB Standard Dye mixture
navy MX-3R blue #9 (red shade) Standard Dye mixture
green MX-BD Green MXBD Kraftkolour mixture
lime green MX-G Lime Green MXG Kraftkolourmixture
green MX-G Green MXG Kraftkolour mixture
green MX-G M25 brilliant emerald George Weilmixture
green MX-3G Green MX3G Kraftkolour mixture
green MX-CG Standard Dye mixture
green MX-EG Standard Dye mixture
green MX-3G M23 bottle green George Weilmixture
green MX-7B Green MX7B Kraftkolour mixture
olive MX-GD Kraftkolour mixture
olive MX-G M28 olive George Weilmixture
choc brown MX-2BChoc Brown MX2B Kraftkolour mixture
brown MX-2GA Kraftkolour mixture
brown MX-3G M27 dark brown George Weilmixture
brown MX-2GA Brown MX2GA Kraftkolour mixture
brown MX-2R Kraftkolour mixture
brown MX-2RA Brown MX2RA Kraftkolour mixture
grey MX-B Grey MXB Kraftkolour mixture
black MX-2R Kraftkolour mixture
black MX-K M30 black George Weilmixture
black MX-TDN Standard Dyemixture
black MX-2R Black MX2R Kraftkolour mixture
black MX-G Black MXG Kraftkolour mixture
Black GR 200% Kraftkolourhot reactive not Procion

If your Procion MX supplier is one of the ones listed, but you cannot find your dye color in one of the above tables, then you can safely assume that it is a proprietary mixture and not directly equivalent to any dye available anywhere else.

Many more dichlorotriazine dyes exist in the Procion line, but not all are under commercial productions. It seems that there are also some that are manufactured currently, but which do not happen to be supplied to any of the distributers that supply dyes in small enough quantities for a single individual to use.

See also Are there any Procion MX dyes that are not available to home dyers? and What other brand names are Procion MX type dyes sold under?.


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